About The Authors

Kathy Mock

Kathy is trained as a lawyer and has spent most of her career doing things other than just practicing law. Her broad work experience has honed her innate ability to tell a really good story and her life experience, (which just happens to include a divorce and a second marriage), has taught her if you have a really good sense of humor, you can survive just about anything.

Carin Thomas

Carin Thomas has spent her career dispelling the notion that girls are just not good with numbers. With her years of wealth management experience she not only can work the numbers but is an expert at her passion—empowering people to understand and manage their finances. When she is not working on her clients’ behalf she is at her cabin with her husband or teaching her two sons how to pick stocks.

Jeanne Mock

From winning a Golden Apple Award for excellence, creativity, and enthusiasm in education to developing community relations programs that support non-profit organizations, Jeanne Mock uses her Master’s degree in Special Education and her energy and creativity to make the world a better place for all of us. Her zest for life and belief that we all deserve to live our passion make her a perfect advisor and mentor on how to live your dream.

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Cinder Without Her Fella

Are you going through a divorce? Or know a woman who is? This book was created just for you – our gift to women experiencing this major life transition. Thoughtfully and amusingly told in a way that you can actually relate to: through the eyes of a modern day Cinderella.

A Woman's Financial Guide To Divorce

This financial divorce workbook for women walks you step-by-step through the processing of determining your financial standing. Because once you know where you’re at with your money, you can make smart decisions about how to live during and after your divorce. By completing this workbook, you’ll know: what you own (your assets); what you owe (your debt); how much money you need to live on today; and, how much you’ll need to save for the future.

I'm so glad I found this financial workbook before my divorce was final. It took some time to get through but it helped and I feel a little bit more in control. I needed that.

- Margaret, Manager

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Cinder Without Her Fella

A Woman's Financial Guide To Divorce